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Understanding healthcare stakeholders – deeply understanding what matters to them, what drives their attitudes and behaviors, and where their key needs reside – is our passion at Insync. While it’s important to understand “what” is happening, we believe the insights that disrupt a market enough to inspire meaningful change live more in the “why” – in the underlying emotional and even unconscious factors. We dive deep to uncover truly disruptive insights, the ones with the power to drive human and business outcomes.



Since the spring of 2020, we have been researching the impact of the pandemic on various aspects of healthcare delivery. Our research examined and uncovered:

  • What behaviors, beliefs and attitudes about healthcare have changed, for physicians and patients alike
  • How the accelerated adoption and usage of telemedicine has affected the delivery of healthcare – from reduced appointment burden to improved continuity of care
  • Which specialty practices are most likely to change given their newfound familiarity with telemedicine and the criteria they will use in the future to determine the scheduling of in-office versus remote appointments
  • The stress COVID-19 has put on disease management, particularly within oncology, and how delays in treatment and testing will affect the lives and goals of patients and their loved ones through 2021

Contact us to explore your specific questions about therapeutic areas of interest or particular aspects of healthcare delivery. Click below for access to our webinars and thought pieces for fresh insights and perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare.


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