Journeys during the Pandemic

For more than a year, many of us have felt that we have had to compromise on so much – and even combining the words “journeys” and “pandemic” can evoke that sense of loss since, from a travel perspective, it feels like something we just can’t do right now.


From an insight perspective, there has never been a better time to do a journey. We have been busy with integrated patient journeys throughout the past year and, while we always learn a lot with each journey, our learning in the last year has gone beyond specific therapeutic area or patient type experience – it has also broadened our understanding of journeys in general.


We discovered two key things. The first is that integrated patient journeys are part of foundational understanding of the patient experience and that does not change significantly with short-term social factors. We have always believed this, and the past year has confirmed it. We are not getting the COVID-impacted disease journey; we are getting the ongoing entrenched journey that will live on as both a patient reality and a brand strategic tool well beyond the pandemic. Admittedly, there are some workarounds due to COVID: emotional amplitude may be affected, there may be some delays, but the fundamental experience remains the same. The journey will remain constant and true.


The second discovery is what we are calling our “pandemic journey bonus offering”. In addition to the primary deliverable of an insight-rich integrated journey, our journeys also uncover tactical opportunities to optimize the experience during COVID.


A pandemic journey today

Surprisingly, this may actually be the best time to take a journey.


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