How We Do It


Making sense of decision-making to more accurately predict and influence behavior

Behavioral Economics (BE) allows us to unearth the deeper psychology of decision-making
beyond self-reported rational and even emotional factors.

This perspective helps us to contextualize what “BE-ers” call behavioral irrationality:
decisions that fly in the face of reason and can’t be made sense of without understanding the heuristics
(mental shortcuts) and biases (hidden traps) that guide human behavior.

We see behavioral irrationality regularly in healthcare – such as when a patient accepts a prescription but doesn’t fill it, or discontinues treatment, or when physicians say they are open to a new class of treatment that they never end up prescribing.

Our team of PhD level social scientists lead industry thinking in the behavioral economics
principles that matter most within healthcare. And what makes our BE “applied”?
That’s when our experienced strategists leverage marketing know-how and business-building expertise to
ensure that these BE principles are applied to optimal advantage when tackling each of
our clients’ unique business challenges.

You can see examples of the impact of Applied BE in our Case Studies.