Senior Strategist (Toronto)

About Insync

At Insync, we are investigators of human behaviors. We look at what people do; why they do it; and what propels them along/holds them back in making changes and decisions. The decisions that humans make are complex: they are influenced by not only rational and emotional factors; they also are influenced by historical, cultural, psychological, and political factors as well.

Who we are:
•  Brand Strategy and Innovation.
•  Deep Customer Intimacy.
•  Behavioral Insights and Decision Making.
•  Strategic Brand Communications.

We facilitate a patient-centric viewpoint via 3 specialized areas:
Insights. Consulting. Training.

Insync is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and part of the largest healthcare communications group in the world, Publicis Health Global network.



Position Summary

The Senior Strategist executes whole projects or parts of larger and more complex projects.  The Senior Strategist is a proactive, analytic and persuasive client partner.  This role has direct and indirect management responsibilities. The Senior Strategist directly delivers exquisite client experiences.


Key Responsibilities

•  Collaborates with team to determine and drive project objectives. Organizes and participates in internal brainstorming sessions.

•  Building off data and understanding across multiple methods/projects, synthesizes insights in the moment, has a POV and makes disparate connections easily.

•  Presents complex data and synthesized insights in written form in a clear, succinct, compelling manner, including recommendations.

•  Functions independently as the in-facility moderator as well as all remote methods.

•  Leads more complex projects. Drives completion of project by diligently and flawlessly executing on assigned area of project. Manages the output of a project by managing people from multiple departments. Work is always on target, on time and significant to the client, leading ultimately to exquisite client experiences

•  Goes beyond “managing the client” to help the client manage his or her own teams in pursuit of the project goals

•  Defines activities and owns method guide development. Leverages in-house knowledge, precedents and method philosophy to support strategic requirements of project

•  Works collaboratively with Project Management, New Business, Social Scientists among other internal teams. Driven by delivering the right work in the right way regardless of where the ideas came from

•  Highly proficient with in-sync products, tools and best practices

•  Demonstrates significant knowledge of work procedures. Adheres to work process and leads parts of projects

•  Has full and detailed understanding of client processes and priorities

•  Manage people (PM, AS) on a project-by-project basis. Drives the project work and troubleshoots issues

•  Supports (by participating and leading) in-sync Corporate social responsibility internal initiatives through MoG (“Ministry of Glue”)



•  Minimum of a four (4) year degree or equivalent

•  6-8 years of experience in marketing strategy

•  Ability to travel on occasion, including oversees travel

•  Proficient in multiple therapeutic areas, increasingly gains expertise in target area

•  Growing ability to synthesize insights in the moment, have a POV and make disparate connections easily

•  Proficient business writing and verbal presentation skills, including but not limited to: proper word choice, excellent grammar, suitable sentence construction and compelling narrative.

•  Proactive and resourceful. Highly organized with exceptional prioritization and project/ time management skills, able to manage multiple priorities in highly collaborative and fast paced environment

•  Exhibits integrity and trust

•  Proficient interpersonal and client services skills. Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with all levels of the organization

•  Proficient in providing and receiving constructive feedback as well as mentor others

•  Proactive approach to meeting customer needs and strong problem-solving skills


About Publicis Health

Publicis Health is the world’s premier health-oriented agency network. A division of Publicis Groupe, Publicis Health manages top-tier agencies specializing in promoting innovative solutions in advertising, digital, branding, message delivery, market access, and medical communications. Publicis Health’s mission is to be the indispensable force for health and wellness business transformation through the alchemy of creativity and technology—for good.

With more than 5,000 employees around the world, Publicis Health manages 18 agency brands through 40 offices located in seven countries.