Creating a New Category

Human-centric positioning to successfully break into a crowded market by redefining the category

The business challenge:

Our client was launching yet another monitoring device into a crowded market. From a product feature perspective, it was improved and more convenient. But the client team recognized that they needed help to break through the clutter and that, if they took their usual approach, they would fail to optimize the opportunity.

What we did:

Our psychologically inspired methods enabled us to understand the way that other monitoring devices were playing into the highly negative narrative dominating this therapeutic area. There was a significant disconnect between patient effort and the limited results they had to show for it. Physicians were also feeling exhausted and frustrated by lack of progress.
We saw potential to set apart this new monitoring device from the pervasive narrative, and redefine the entire category in which it would compete.

The result:

The human centric positioning strategy inspired powerful launch communication. And the unmet need was so potent that it resonated immediately.
The degree of patient engagement with the launch campaign was unprecedented. Uptake of our client’s new monitoring device was so strong that, within one month of launch, concern shifted from making revenue launch targets to having enough supply to meet the overwhelming demand.
To this day, the noise on social media continues to be off the charts.