New Product Launch

Applying our brand building expertise to positively disrupt a “satisfied” market

The business challenge:

Our client was launching a new treatment into the rheumatic diseases space, entering a largely satisfied market dominated by major global competitors that presented significant barriers to new entrants. Innovation had stalled in this space, yet significant unmet human need remained given incomplete response from current treatments and functional limitations imposed upon patients by the condition.

What we did:

We partnered with our client in a consultative capacity across five phases of work over 14 months. By extracting disruptive insights from research with key customers – patients, rheumatologists and payers – we deeply understood unmet needs, tensions and motivators for all three and crafted an enduring and ownable value proposition that would drive brand preference within the entrenched competitive landscape. Deep understanding from research led to an unbranded campaign that served to prime the market in preparation for launch. Our “brand blueprint” became the foundation for brand-building efforts at launch and beyond, to maximize brand equity globally.

The result:

A clear and defensible strategy guided senior management choices among competing corporate priorities and helped secure funding for an impactful market entrance. The brand blueprint was integral to ensuring strongly aligned and focused efforts across functions and markets globally, so the essence of the brand was consistently understood and executed – critical to building a strong and enduring global brand. In-market results to date are promising; the new brand is enjoying a steep adoption curve in lead markets.