Patient Segmentation

“Reframing for advantage” to overtake an established market leader

The business challenge:

Our men’s health client faced the daunting prospect of launching second to market behind a well entrenched and powerful market leader. They needed to make a series of critical strategic decisions along the way if they were going to have a shot at displacing this competitor – one that had patients requesting it by name. One of multiple decisions we helped them make was who they were going to target to win.

What we did:

Behavioral Economics (BE) helped us to see that there was not a uniform definition of “success” in this category – which was fantastic news! This gave us an opportunity to ferociously target a specific segment, and build a campaign around what mattered to them. Biases, such as Affect Bias and Locus of Control Bias, formed the foundation of our BE-inspired segmentation that mapped the needs of the current and future patient population. This new understanding effectively reframed the category to claim a differentiated space, one that was driven by a very different set of needs for this segment. We then set up our client’s brand to uniquely deliver against these needs.

The result:

As a result, the client walked away with a highly differentiated and ownable positioning strategy, directed at a target that was notably distinct from that of the entrenched competitor.
The keenly targeted launch plan focused on the end benefit that mattered most to the target segment. Messaging resonated strongly, and sales took off.
In the end, the new entrant overtook the established leader and has retained that market position to this day.