Realizing Brand Potential

Motivating a mindset shift that enables behavior change

The business challenge:

Our client launched a “revolutionary” treatment for the prevention of a serious condition in a market where the existing product had to be delivered in a hospital setting, had a narrow therapeutic window and had serious side effects — what seemed like a slam dunk!  But in-market results did not come close to meeting expectations.
Our job was daunting. Not only was our client disappointed by the launch results, they were taken aback by the underestimated challenge of displacing a rather old, unsophisticated, time consuming and “risky” product. We had to break through the institutionalized, “safe” and comfortable habit that patients and healthcare professionals alike had developed.

What we did:

Our deep dive into customer mindset and behavior revealed that doctors and patients alike shared uncertainty and fear around both the condition and around this new treatment option. The nature of the condition demanded “extreme” monitoring and vigilance over high-risk patients who were emotional, confused and fragile. Taking a high-risk patient out of a comfortable and proven institutionalized system (old treatment) by giving them a pill (new treatment) felt way too “risky” with status quo bias at play. Layered onto this was the fear of not getting this new product through the patient’s insurance.
We helped the client see that, when HCPs were talking about the “revolutionary” treatment to their patients, they were coming across as hesitant: something immediately picked up on by a rattled patient in need of comfort. In contrast, when physicians were talking to the patient about the old product, they had a fluent institutionalized narrative to draw on that made the patient feel surrounded by a proven care system. And as a result, the old option was chosen 95% of the time at product initiation.

The result:

The client switched their whole strategy from convenience (something risky in that category) to one that surrounds the patient in the comfort of the system: a strategy with clear meaning for all stakeholders.
This drove a complete change in the HCP narrative, overcoming the script that had been institutionalized for the existing brand.
The revolutionary new brand caught up to the category leader within 2 years, and is poised to become the #1 brand for this condition. A win, win, win for everyone, given the difference it makes in patient lives!