Reversing Share Loss

Tapping into physicians’ underlying motivators to drive prescribing behavior

The business challenge:

Our client was marketing a vaccine that was positioning around a very rational and “typical” notion – reducing risk of the condition. While certainly logical, the vaccine’s business was rapidly becoming a commodity and losing market share to a competitive offering that was competing on price.

What we did:

During the research, we asked physicians to take us back to their initial decision to become a doctor and what motivated that. We discovered that it was more than “lip service” when they shared their desire to make a difference, and their feelings of fulfillment when viewing themselves as valued and contributing members of society.
Self-signaling effect was a clear driver of treatment behavior, and something that could be tapped into by framing this vaccine’s benefits appropriately.

The result:

Based on this disruptive insight, our client completely revamped their physician-directed communication. The degree of physician engagement with the brand soared, and emotional affinity for the brand drove feelings of loyalty that overcame the commodification that had
been underway.
As a result, our client’s vaccine reversed the troubling share trend and regained market leadership, despite a continued price disadvantage. The long-running campaign that resulted from this strategic shift has maintained share leadership over several years.