Applauding Healthcare Workers Everywhere.

In this extraordinary time – with updates being delivered by the hour, and new requirements and protocols attached to every update – things are moving a million miles a minute. We wanted to hit the pause button for a moment, to thank and to honor healthcare workers around the world. Join us during World Health Worker Week in acknowledging the amazing work that healthcare workers are doing, both on the front lines, and behind the scenes.

Psychological Frameworks

Leveraging Psychological Frameworks in Qualitative Research Qualitative research is a super-power of sorts. You are granted heightened vision, and can see how a person navigates a condition; where their key needs and tensions live; what they are most and least inspired by; and what truly matters to them. On some projects, though, the very richness these projects provide can be a challenge to pin down and analyze. Assumptions often need to be made based on gut-feel only. At Insync, we rely on more

An Elephant in the Pink Room:

The Extraordinary Challenges of Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer Every October, those living or otherwise concerned with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) find themselves in need of pointing out an elephant in the metaphoric pink room, as they deal with challenges well above and beyond the disease.  MBC patients have to live with an ongoing struggle not only to beat cancer and its extraordinary burdens, but also to combat a significant social challenge that tends to rob them of their voice and

Marketer’s Journey

Marketer’s Journey The What In the early days of advertising the marketer’s focus was on the What: what is the product? What does the product offer, and what features of the product improve the consumer’s life? The logic was simple – convince your customers that your product will give them superior, new, additional features and improves their life at a lower cost, and they will obviously choose to acquire your product.  The earliest advertisements were built around basic information about products, sometimes simply

How Ethnographies Will Propel Your Next Project

Interview with Arpita: Ethnographies September 25, 2019 Arpita Chakrabarti is a Social Scientist and Senior Strategist at Insync, where she utilizes her ten years of experience moderating and conducting ethnographies to further the human-centric understanding of various therapeutic areas and conditions. Today, she is sharing her experience with ethnographies, the value that they bring to understanding the patient and physician experience, and why a client should consider utilizing ethnographies in their next project.   Q: What is your role and what