What We Do



Humanizing clinical trials requires a shift in orientation
from participating in a clinical experiment to inspiring patients
by serving and appreciating them

The clinical trial experience is too often one that is “starkly medicalized”.
To encourage participation and improve retention, patients should feel motivated, supported, and
appreciated for their efforts. To that end, trials should be designed with an eye to service excellence.

Insync’s Clinical Trial Practice helps you optimize your trials by:


• Uncovering deep insights that enhance all aspects from discovery, to pre- and post-trial experiences.

• Designing solutions that are in the best interests of patients, investigators and the sponsor and are a win-win for all stakeholders.

Pretrial > optimize trial end points
  • Foundational Patient Understanding
  • Integrated Patient Condition Journey
  • Patient Unmet Needs
Protocol development > optimize design
  • Clinical Trial Journey
  • Trial Simulation
  • PRO Instrument Testing
  • Drivers / Barriers to recruitment and retention
Trial set-up > optimize experience& communication
  • Site Experience Optimization
  • Assessing Communication Material and Tactics
  • Operational Strategy Optimization
Trial launch > optimize trial success
  • Solving Business Challenge(s)
  • Empathy Training
  • Investigator Meeting Insight Immersion
  • Exit Interviews (sponsor dependent)